Brand Identity

Cultivating a Strong Brand Identity

Your company’s brand identity says a lot about your organization, so it is important to communicate this with a consistent creative design. Tres Communication helps companies build a strong, memorable and consistent corporate identity. We start with market research. We study your target consumer and your industry. We find out about your competition. We look at what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. We determine how we can do everything better. We determine how to reach your market and create an

experience that resonates with them. Once we’ve created a powerful identity for your business, we ensure that the consumer is engaged at each potential touch point with consistent design and messaging. This guarantees a cohesive, recognizable brand experience that delivers the greatest possible impact. Let the experts at Tres Communication help you cultivate a strong brand identity through advanced design solutions.



The logo is the essence of your brand. It will help you to distinguish your company from competitors; it makes you recognizable and builds a visible reminder to your customers and potential customers. We are dedicated to creating memorable and unique logo designs.



Brochures can be a very effective marketing tool. They can be used for different purposes from highlighting a product or service to educate and inform about your company, in general, emphasizing in your benefits, products, and services for your customer.



One of the most versatile and affordable types of marketing materials are flyers. With a purposeful and creative flyer design, you can get your prospective customer to take a specific, desired action.



The package design is one of the most important elements in a successful product launch (or re-launch). We take many things into consideration when designing a package. It should be a design that has a function, it must protect what is inside and it also allows for easy storage and distribution.
social media


Maintain your brand image across all social media platforms. We make sure that you have consistency throughout your profile pictures, headers, and so on.



Create presentation materials that will promote a consistent brand image and voice. We help you communicate your brand identity when presenting to other clients or companies.



Want to develop a magazine publication or book? We help you keep a unified brand image on every page.

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